Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today is a rather depressing day. Tropical Storm Fay has been sitting over our house for 18 hours so far. If you have never been in a tropical storm or hurricane, count yourself as lucky. This storm was not supposed to come to us but, yesterday it made an unexpected turn. By then it was too late to prepare as we were already getting lots of rain. The next 24 were full of lots of wind and rain but we went to bed with high hope that things would be improved (or maybe even over) by morning. No such luck. Fay does not want to move and has settled in long term. So far we have had 12 inches of rain in 24 hours and they are telling us to expect another 7-10 inches. Our road is flooded and our septic has failed! Thank God we still have power, but that is iffy too. Nothing to do today but paint as long as I have light. Could be worse! The photo is the view from our front door this morning. What! No paper delivery!

This painting is 8x10. It is my granddaughter playing dress up years ago. My next post will be a pastel of Courtney the way she looks today.


E. Floyd said...

Good luck in getting through the storm! However having a forced stay-at-home painting day does not sound so bad...

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Thanks Liz. I'm trying to stay dry!

Sharon Wright said...

I feel for you, although I have no idea what it is like to face such extreme weather, hope it ends soon with no casualties.
The painting is lovely, especially the composition. Getting up close has given a real feeling of involvment.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Thanks Sharon, the worse seems to be over today. It is still drizzling but the wind has is gone and the standing water has drained.

Thanks also for your kind comments regarding the painting.

Theresa Rankin said...

Great painting the loose feel and composition! Thank you for your wonderful comment on my is much appreciated. Hope the worst is over and there are no lasting side effects from the storm.

milindmulick said...

Nice work here!
Thanks for visiting my blog
Aren’t you painting the storm..
Hope the sky is clear by now.

Laurel Daniel said...

Hey Carol, It's great to find YOU - and love the slices of life that you capture in your work. I was actually in Southern GA visiting my inlaws this week and made a quick escape today to AVOID Fay! I hope all goes well for you and your household.


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