Friday, October 1, 2010


Lately, I have been frustrated fighting with my paintbrush, so, I tried the palette knife a few times.  It is nice to have an option when you are battling fatigue and burnout.  I think I need to go on a photo shoot in the hopes that I can get excited about painting again.  I have had this happen before and I know the cure.



Catherine Jeffrey said...

Love those great thick paint strokes.You handle that knife really well! I know what you mean about needing a change...I love those new photo shoots and the excitement of going back home to find out what cool things you captured. Sometimes I think the picture taking is more fun than the picture painting! (Did I say that??? hmmm)

LindaHunt said...

Oh my too? I am exhausted internally.
The colors in this painting are refreshing and I like the use of the palette knife. Very tactile.

MariasWatercolor said...

your work is lovely, hope you rally soon, I cant wait to see more!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Beautiful! I like using the knife too, it reminds me that I don't always need to be so precious with my painting. Great job with this one!

Nancy Goldman said...

Very nice palette knife painting. I love your greens.


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