Monday, February 14, 2011


I seem to have run out of titles, or at least, imagination!  Some times I think that is the most difficult part of producing a new work.  I was feeling very lazy when I worked on this one a few weeks ago.  Maybe I needed some morning caffeine or maybe I was just uninspired by the dull color of the pears.  Whatever the problem, in frustration, I scratched through the paint and when I finished my little show of temper I decided maybe it didn't look so bad after all.  I'll just leave it and call it an abstract!

When I set it on a shelf, I even grew a little fond of it.  Maybe I should keep that technique in my bag of tricks.  Never say die!

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I just want to remind everyone of my painting give-away at my Etsy sites, CarolSchiffStudio and CarolOnEdge.  For every item purchased, you receive a chance in the drawing for a 6x8" painting.   If you have been considering purchasing a piece of my art, this would be an excellent time to do so.  All purchases are eligible until March 31, 2011.   The drawing is the next day...April Fool's Day, but THIS IS NO JOKE!


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

you are so talented!!

martinealison said...

Oh mais ma chère Carole vos poires ne sont pas aussi ternes que ça! elles ont beaucoup de nuances de couleurs... sur un fond qui n'en manque pas !
J'aime ces petits fruits qui viennent rouler juste devant elles...
Gros bisous

Brunch at Saks said...

Beautiful, Carol :)

Kathy Cousart said...

I like it:) The pears are wonderful- I think the frustrated marks lend an interest to it. The grapes are really nice! Look at those highlights!

Carmen Beecher said...

It turned out great, and the colors are beautiful.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Who says that a temper cannot be a good thing... I am glad that you "scratched" creatively, wink!

Very nice, my dear.


Liana Yarckin said...

i like the composition and the linework. looks great on fb.

suzanneberry said...

i love both temper tantrums and happy mistakes! this one worked out perfectly! i would definitely add to your bag of tricks!


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