Monday, July 18, 2011

Seascape at Saintes-Maries, after VanGogh, SOLD

A few days ago was the third anniversary of this blog.  I repeated a post last Friday...and posted the first painting ever shown on this blog.  Now, I don't want to run this into the ground, but I decided today to post the second painting.  So, I did...and this is it!  Painted after Vincent, I had lots of fun trying to re-create his brushwork in this work.

That's it, I won't repeat any more


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love this painting. Very nice!

Diana Marshall said...

Love this one you caught the spirit of Van Gogh perfectly. Wonderful.

suzanneberry said...

Wow, it's so cool to see how your painting has evolved! this is wonderful, i love the bold strokes, vincent would be proud! and happy third anniversary!! i love your work!

mary maxam said...

Dramatic! wonderful color and brushwork too.

Marie Theron said...

Ah yes, super brushwork! I have never seen the Van Gogh painting which inspired you, Carol!

martinealison said...

Une harmonie de couleurs magnifique que Monsieur Van Gogh aurait appréciée...
Gros bisous et longue vie à votre blog.

Yasmin said...

I love the look of crashing waves, it is so angry yet so peaceful!


Karena said...

It is just beautiful Carol!

I hope you will spread the come and join my giveaway of a painting by Mary Maxam!


Art by Karena


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