Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pear Still Life, "Pears with Back Lighting" 6x8" Oil, SOLD

It has been cloudy and kind of dreary here for the past week or two.  I prefer to work from images and I count on this time of the year to give me the natural light I use.


This is not the bright light I usually have streaming in this window.  These pears look a little on the moody side.

I have another version of these pears coming up soon.

I find one of most biggest difficulties in painting small is constantly trying to find new and interesting compositions.  Changing from bright to soft light has helped.  How do you daily painters handle this issue?


hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted, Carol!! Wonderful brush work and I love the subtle colors.

Marla said...

"Moody pears," I love it!

I'm not quite a daily painter or a still life painter, but I definitely study Carol Marine's work - her compositions are very lively and interesting. I have a tendency to want to line everything up in the middle with equal space around it.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

The highlights behind the pears really make the painting and set the mood. Lovely!


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