Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pelican Painting, Daily Painting, "King of the Flock" by Carol Schiff, 9x12x1.5" Oil

I was visiting Cocoa Beach pier when I spied this beautiful creature and knew immediately I would soon be working on a pelican painting.

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He must have been conditioned to getting lots of attention as he tried his best to ignore me, especially after he realized I didn't have any fish.  Lots of people fish off the pier and I am sure he grabs his share of fish from those who don't protect their catch.

I named him "Jake".  I once knew a Jake with a very large mouth (if you know what I mean).

Thanks for viewing my pelican painting today! I hope you will pin it.


1 comment:

hmuxo said...

A beautiful pelican, Carol. I love the closeup of this amazing bird. I'm glad we don't have any in New York..They would consume all my koi's in one shot! Wonderful work, as always!


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