Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wildlife Painting, Daily Painting, "Two Black Ducks" by Carol Schff, 6x8" Oil SOLD

A client wanted a large commissioned piece of her family's pet ducks.  There were lots of ducks...and they all were black.

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 I did this small study of two of the ducks....feeling my way around and trying to decide how to do the larger piece.

The client was happy with the study and I proceeded with the commissioned piece which is shown below.  The reference photo had dark ducks and dark background.  She also wanted to include two ducks that had gone to ducky heaven.  Below is the finished palette knife piece.

Hope your day is just ducky!


hmuxo said...

A beautiful painting, Carol. I love the texture on the black ducks and background... They're going to love it!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

This is quite stunning in the simplicity of your design and technique. Beautiful painting.
I laughed at ducky day.


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