Friday, January 9, 2009


The big portrait challenge is over and I am the big winner! Why? Because I was lucky enough to have artist Annie Salness paint my portrait. Annie is an artist from Portland OR. and has agreed to exchange portraits with me. Annie, thank you so much for your efforts. I am honored to have your painting. I hope you will check out her blogspot; she is a wonderful artist and I am sure you will enjoy.

Something weird happened to my blog yesterday. Without warning I lost my site counter. What goes here? Now I have to start all over again at number 1!


Anonymous said...

This is certainly a lovely portrait with a smashing smile I agree you were lucky to have this artist paint your portrait. I'm going to look at her blog now. Congratulations all round.

Sheila said...

It's like winning an artist lottery isn't it! don't worry about your counter, we'll just add a couple of zeros to the number for ya. So, it's up to 200?

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Thanks Sheila, To make matters worse, while trying to get my counter back I deleted my clustermap. So now I have to start at one with that too. Would the 5,000+ hits I had, please revisit my blog. Now? I hate when this happens!

Annie Salness said...

Wow Carol! Thank you for such high praise! I am looking forward to receiving the beautiful portrait you painted of me as well! Thanks again to Karin for giving us these weekly challenges, providing encouragement and instruction and a chance to meet and interact with a wonderful community of fellow artists!


How lucky for you!

How lucky for me, that I get to see two artists take in full appreciation of time spent together.


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