Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just a little fun image that popped out of my head one day. I had done a pastel several years ago of my granddaughter on the beach. I came across it one day and painted this little angel using the same body pose as my granddaughter who was building a sandcastle.


Sheila said...

So lovely! I love it when I am able to put on a canvas something that pops in my head. Doesn't happen very often but when it does it sure is fulfilling. This is wonderful!

Gwen Bell said...

Love the stylized line in this. So fitting to use the pose of your grandchild (can't believe you have a grandchild!). I always think of children as little angels in their perfect innocence and you really captured that innocence in this piece. Really lovely!

Paula Ilha said...

Hi Carol,

It's a wonderful work. I love it!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Wonderful colors and glowing light. I wish great images could "pop" into my head. I'm afraid I am reliant on reality.


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