Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, I am still doing fruit and veggie half's....just not as often.  When I was grocery shopping this week, I realized that I had not done an avocado half, so I decided to correct that situation as soon as possible.  Viola!

On another note, we are really suffering in Florida this summer, not only the oil spill, but no rain to speak of for the last month.  My garden is looking quite brown.  Speaking of the oil spill, everyone knows about it, but I don't know one person who has actually seen it.  Our beaches on the east coast are perfect and from the photos and stories I read of the west coast, they too are in good condition.  I think the Panhandle may have the tinest problem, but all the BP people are out there cleaning up.  Now if they could just save the wildlife! (and of course, STOP THE LEAK!)  The wildlife experts are actually digging up seaturtle eggs, packing them and sending them to our area in the hopes that the little guys will have a better chance of life on our side.  Sea turtle eggs are protected by law and not to be handled, it can kill the baby, but they hope at least 50% of them will hatch.  If they hatch in the Panhandle, the babies will all die in the Gulf.  Only 10% of sea turtle hatchlings survive for a year, even without an oil spill.  I also read in the paper that all those birds you see being cleaned off after a spill usually die within a year.  It seems the oil people like to get those pictures in the paper to keep us all happy but it doesn't really help the birds that much.  Now, I cannot help but wonder what the floor of the ocean looks like now adays.  I doubt you will find any living coral reefs for , let me see, 50 or 75 years or more?  I don't even even want to think about what will happen when we start having tropical storms and hurricanes...they are forecasting a stellar year!


Sandra Galda said...

Interesting how you have the graphic lines in the background it forms a nice varied composition! Great job!

Linda Popple said...

Very nice, Carol. I like your "half" series. This makes a great addition.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Hi Carol! Not only do I love avocados, I just love this painting of your avocado half. And the simple, somewhat abstract background. Really makes the avocado the hero it should be. I just love it when I cut into one that is perfect. What a simple joy. Thanks for sharing.

Dana Cooper said...

I too love the lines in the background that seem to hold up the avocado...well done!

LindaHunt said...

Hi Carol...I am sorry that your area is suffering drought condtions. We have been having very HOT temperatures also but, thankfully, a little rain.
The avocodo painting goes down as one of my favorites. The abstract quality of the background and foreground really compliment the lovely rendered avaoodo. The little touches of pink in the background are so surprising and a special treat.
I hear you about the oil spill...I hope your beaches and ours remain pristine!!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

beautiful painting!


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