Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daily Mixed Media Abstract Painting, "Tiny Bubbles", 10x8"

Time for an abstract!

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I had so much fun working on this one.  I included all my favorite colors, worked hard on a center of interest, did a little stamping and scratching through for movement.  But now, I cannot decide if it is a vertical composition............

or horizontal.  So far, I have not signed it.  Which format do you prefer?

I am honored to say that one of my blogger friends, Marla Laubisch, has chosen to feature me in an interview on her blog today!  How exciting is that?  Marla and I have been communicating through comments for some time.  Marla  is a landscape painter living in North Carolina. She usually paints in oils, both in the studio and plein air. Her favorite subjects involve the intersection of urban and rural life and I might add that she is a talented artist.  Be sure to check out her monochromatic truck as well as her water towers with sunset.  She wrote a very interesting interview which you can read here.


Heather said...

Carol, I love the colors and can see why they are your favorite. They are mine too! I think I prefer the vertical version but they are both awesome. Great composition!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

The colors and shapes in your abstract look great every way you turn it. Isn't that what the say a great non-representational piece should do?
I had fun moving my laptop every which way to try and find one I liked best and I have to say - I liked them all!

I read the interview and really enjoyed finding out a little bit more about you. You sure gave a great plug for Etsy so I went visiting your store and liked what I saw. I had never been there before. How you keep up with it all I do not know. My hats off to you.
Thanks for the really neat blog post.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful abstract with wonderful soft colors, Carol!!!

Fred Spratt said...

Fantastic work Carol! Great composition and marks. It does work very well both ways, I can see your difficulty but perhaps it does work ever so slightly better vertical. However... our brains understand more than we realise, so put it which every way up you painted it, because your subconscious mind will probably have urged you to paint it one way or another for a reason...


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