Thursday, February 28, 2013

Abstract Art, "SOAR", 24x36" Original Mixed Media SOLD

I have been busy with commissions since early December and finally found time to do another abstract.


My painting group, Pieces of 8 is planning a group exhibition this summer at the local community college and we have all been working hard, getting our pieces ready.  The venue is fabulous and many entertainment giants have performed there, from Willie Nelson to Jerry Seinfeld to Mikhail Baryshnikov. The exhibition will be in the lobby, a huge room  with 30 ft ceilings.

I usually don't paint this large (24x36") because of difficulty storing and shipping but this had to be an exception.  I have a few more pieces to do for this exhibition and will post them as they are created.  I  don't know if they all have to be abstract as the other artists will be showing many different media.  I would love to hear your opinion......should I stick to abstract??


martinealison said...

Je pense que cette oeuvre peut être classer dans les peintures abstraites.
J'aime son mouvement et la puissance contenue. Le contraste de couleurs est intéressant et apporte une grande puissance à l'oeuvre et à l'objectif que le spectateur peut s'approprier.
Mes félicitations pour cette prochaine exposition. Je vous souhaite un vif succès et de belles rencontres.
Gros bisous à vous.

hmuxo said...

You do very well with abstracts, Carol so you should do more...I LOVE this one.
I hope you put your oils in the show as well! The best of luck with the exhibit.

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

I instantly like this...I also do a lot of abstracts and this really appeals to me.
Thank you for sharing...anxious to see the next one !

Julie Ford Oliver said...

You certainly are good at abstract/non representational but I hope you keep dping both as I love your contemporary work too.


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