Sunday, February 10, 2013

Daily Painting | Food Still Life | Avocado Painting | Standing Avocado by Carol Schiff | 8x10" Oil SOLD

Maybe it's because my husband was in the Air Force for 20 years, but, when I look at this painting, all I can think about is that this is an avocado standing "at attention"


The thing I really like about this daily painting is that I was able to use my favorite color combination of yellow green and red violet.

The dark sienna and orange helps to make it sizzle.

Do you have a favorite technique to make your paintings pop?


Julie Ford Oliver said...

You are right - this does have the POP!
Even though you said red violet - the RED part of the violet did not show through much on my screen. It still works though as a blue(ish) purple and this a wonderful piece with both color and a strong design
You ask an interesting question, Carol.
I have mixed feelings about using the compliments. I have to really struggle every time, but when I follow the wheel like red - orange - yellow ending up with a bit of green, I do much better.

hmuxo said...

A wonderful painting, Carol. This avocado looks so creamy...and I love the bits of orange in the does make it pop and of course the texture makes it look so realistic!!


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