Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rose Painting, Floral Still Life, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting 8x8x1.5" Oil SOLD

Yes, yes, yes......I am still painting flowers.  I have been on quite a flower jag lately.

I was pleased with this one.


Roses have always been difficult for me.  This time I tried to channel Elio.  I was determined not to describe each petal,  I did my best to remember the softness and translucency of a rose petal.  I wanted to pop the colors, but, not too much.  Finally, I made myself stop!

Yes, I like this one.....and I hope you do too.


Diana Marshall said...

Yes it's that knowing when to stop moment before it gets over worked, I think you have called it just right. The rose is a complex flower and not the easiest subject. You have captured the translucency and the softness of the petals, well done.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love this one Carol!


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