Sunday, September 28, 2008


Really creative title, don't you think? 16x20 oil on stretched canvas. This is a favorite of mine. I hope you like it.

Bananas 16x20 oil on canvas


Sharon Wright said...

Oh, yes, I love it! I will always prefer a greyed palette, muted colours. It has so much more style and elegance. Very clever composition too.
Thanks so much for your visits and lovely comments, you keep me going, for sure.

Theresa Rankin said...

Wow...I always thought painting bananas would be boring! This is just the opposite It is the comp( beautifully composed abstract background using the leaves) and all those warm and cool greens!!

Art with Liz said...

This is really great - and thanks for your kind comments!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Got a chuckle out of your comment - titles are HARD! :) This is such a nice piece, though. It's always interesting when you see paintings like this... they give you a glimpse of the artist's point of view, the things that interest them. This is a pretty big piece, though - was it a Daily Painting (did you do it all in one day?)?

Jeanne Bauer said...

I've really enjoyed your entire blog. Trees at Spring Island is grand. Thank you for your comments let for me. You have given me food for thought all week as I am all over the board with "a style." I'm lost really. I just can't find a style I'm happy with. Thanks for calling me out mind was on fire all week as a result. jb


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