Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The fruit was really nice at the grocery and I bought several varities.  Naturally, it looked too good to eat, so first I painted.  I did have fun with this one, it was enjoyable using all the vivid colors.

Debbie Schiff of South Africa has awarded me the Sunshine Award.  I met Debbie on Facebook due to the same last name.  My husband's family originally  came to the US from South Africa and I thought we might have a family connection (still don't know).  Anyway, Debbie is a skilled watercolorist and I hope you will visit her blog here.  Debbie, keep those beautiful watercolor/ink sketches comming, and thank you so much for this award.

Another little connection.  I was checking out all the artists that Debbie sent this award to when I stumbled upon one that focused on Viera Wetlands birders.  Turns out , this artist is from Tennessee and has recently been visiting  the Wetlands to photograph the variety of birds that gather.  The Wetlands are about 5 miles from my home.  So, while sitting in my home, in just a few minutes, I find a connection to South Africa and then one down the street from me.  Do you remember that old movie "Around the World in 80 Days"?  Now it is more like, around the world in 80 seconds!

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Sheila said...

What size is this Carol? You did an awesome job on the reflection of that strawberry. I was studying it very closely. Amazing detail!

Susan Roux said...

Its always so noticeable when an artist was passionate about their subject. This is a lovely painting. I love the way the colors seem to flow out of each other. The blue in the cloth reminds me of the juice flowing from these amazing fruits. I can feel the moisture!

Congratulations on the award...

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

It is truly a small world. Particularly in the blogsphere! I love that this painting is big (compared to mine, anyway) - and it looks luscious! How you get the oils to act this way is amazing!

suzanneberry said...

Oh this is stunning! I'm in the process of shooting kiwi right now! You work has a lovely watercolor lightness to it that I just love. Your brushwork and handling of oil is truly inspirational!

Debbie said...

Hey Carol

I'm honoured that you mentioned me in your blog, Thank you so much. You are deserving of this award as you never seize to amaze me at how quickly you churn out your beautiful oil paintings, this series of fruit are particularly lovely and as Susanne rightly says... they have a wonderful watercolour lightness about them which I feel attracted to. Your fruit are juicy and luscious. You work colour beautifully.

Getting back to the 'Schiff' connection.... My husband doesn't seem to recall your family in Cape Town.... but you never know!

Isn't the wonderful world of cyber just wonderful at times!!!!!!

Linny D. Vine said...

Carol, this is excellent!!!


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