Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Did you think I have given up on my series of fruits and vegetables cut in half?  No way!  I still have  more I want to do.  There is something about this series that is very compelling to me.  So, same old windowsill, same old backlighting, different fruit!

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Catherine Jeffrey said...

Lovely vibrant orange and contrasting soft blue. What colors did you use for the orange if you don't mind me asking.

Carol Blackburn said...

When you run out of can end the series with a fruitcake. How's that? And, you can cut it in half if you want to. Isn't it great to have such fun with your painting?

Kim said...

I'm still enjoying them! Interesting colour on this. Really like the brushwork in this - especially the white strokes around the orange.

Linda said...

I love the shadow in front of this beautiful orange. Wonderful painting in your series!

Crystal Cook said...

I love this series! Keep 'em coming!

Beautiful color, light and composition :)

Anonymous said...

This one really makes me smile!! Maybe the colors? The bold application of paint? Whatever, it sure works.


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