Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daily Painting, "Coastal Wildflower" Landscape, 6x8" SOLD

This little painting is not a real place.  I was thinking about the coast of California, where the mountains  collide with the sea.

It's a big stretch for me to paint without an image of some type in front of me.  Abstract artists do it all the time.  I spent months just slapping on paint and always ending up with the same muddy, uninteresting, scraper.  Being a slow learner, I repeated the action time and again before the light bulb came on.

Many successful artists work in that manner, but I need more structure.  I must have a goal, a composition in mind, some kind of plan for movement, values, colors.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a great example, but for me, it is a little step forward.


hmuxo said...

Love this painting...your work with the palette knife is wonderful, Carol!! Gorgeous orange!!!

Marla said...

Carol: this is AWESOME. You really have made a step forward, this looks like something that's really going to inform your future painting. GORGEOUS.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

The feeling of distance you captured is fabulous, Carol. I love working from the imagination too.

Leslie said...


Sunny Avocado said...

Very nice color and texture. I like it!


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