Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily Painting "Nature's Smiley Face" 6x8", Oil SOLD

Summer is finally here....and so are the sunflowers!


I had a good time with this one, just layering on plenty of paint with my palette knife and not getting too upset about where it landed.

I find it impossible to look at this painting without having a smile on my face.  Now if I could just pull that off every day!



suzannepaints said...

Beautiful! Puts a smile on my face, too.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Now you are getting it! I LOVE these two. Fresh and beautiful colors.

cscottdraw said...

I love the texture- wow a painting a day! Wish I could find the motivation for that

hmuxo said...

You did a beautiful job with these sunflowers, Carol...using a palette knife seems perfect for this painting.

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

I'm smiling, too... love the sunflowers ! they are so impressive ! I think palette knife paintings are sooo hard !

Diana said...

Love the colors and textures! Beautiful.


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