Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daily Painting, 6x8" Original Oil Still Life SOLD "Cindy Grows Tomatoes" SOLD

My friend, Cindy, may live in a condo, but that doesn't stop her from being an excellent gardener.

These lovely specimens were happily growing on the balcony on a vine that was bursting with fruit.


I tried to capture the sun streaming through the vine and the tomatoes in various stages of red.
Doesn't it just make you want to go mix up a salad?  How much better can it be than to pick food from the vine and walk directly into the kitchen with it to prepare dinner.  The perfect lunch break while shopping today!

Speaking of shopping, don't forget my 1/2 price sale here.  November 30th is the last day of the sale.
Wouldn't you like to have Santa bring you a small oil painting?  You can do that for someone you love.


claire christinel said...

Great painting Carol! Love the lights and shadows on the tomatoes I especially love that lower right one with the warm shadow and the little spots of sunlight. Good luck with your sale!

Marla said...

Love this one, Carol. The compositions of your paintings have been incredible lately!

hmuxo said...

Excellent piece! wonderful texture!!

Julie Mai said...

Hi Carol, I'm new in Blog land. Yes I too like the Tomatoes. I'm not sure if it reads like the darker one or the lighter on. I love the darker on. Thanks for sharing. Julie


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