Thursday, November 1, 2012

Floral Painting, "Memories of Summer" 6x8" SOLD

This year seems to be flying bye and winter will soon be on us.  I am still thinking summer, or at least early fall, in my mind.


Cone flowers are one of my favorites.  They don't grow in central Florida, but we see them everywhere in the mountains of Carolina.   There is something about their shape that attracts me to them.  I like the way the cone stands erect and the petals droop down.

I also like that they come up every year.  I only want to plant them once!

Today is the first of November, and I should be thinking about pumpkins and turkey.  I must have that denial thing going on!


martinealison said...

Ce sont des fleurs magnifiques... J'aime leurs coeurs généreux... Je comprends que vous affectionnez ces fleurs... Et comme vous l'été et le printemps me manquent déjà ! Je ne peux pas dire que l'automne et l'hiver soient mes saisons préférées !...
Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I adore lavender and green together and this is a beautiful example of why I do. I especially love the cool and warm in the bottom flower. The vibration it sets up is what painting is all about for me.

Diana Marshall said...

I always say this, but you have a unique way with color, I can recognize a Carol Schiff painting as soon as I see it!
Another winner...


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