Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Ridge Line" 6x12" Palette Knife Painting SOLD

It is hard to beat the beauty of the mountains, especially when the sun is setting.

We were enjoying dinner at a friend's house when the sun put on this wonderful display.  The watercolor sky was impossible to ignore and the trees on the ridge appeared on fire as the sun dropped behind the mountain.

Sunsets are truly one of life's jewels.  Enjoy!

Don't forget my 1/2 off price sale running the rest of this month.  The link is here.

On other note, I was so proud of our country on election day.  The lines at the polls were sweet to see.  Thank you all for participating!


Julie Ford Oliver said...

These colors are gorgeous, Carol. I love how you managed to get the feeling of distance with the back mountain being just the right shade of blue.

Diana Marshall said...

Lovely textures and colors, and I love the long format too, another winner Carol!

Linda said...

Absolutely beautiful, Carol. I love the colours and feel!

Karen Bruson said...

Great texture.

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