Monday, December 14, 2009


As you can tell by the name, this one reminds me of a little fairytale. I cannot really tell you where my head was when I painted it, but I do remember that I enjoyed the process.
Is anyone, other than me, frustrated by the tagging process on blogger?? Maybe I just don't do it right. Once I use a tag, it will automatically appear when I type in the first few letters, which sounds like a good thing. But, when I type" landscape", I get "abstract landscape" and when I type "mountain" it gives me "Smoky Mountain" etc. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Do I need to change a setting? It gets very annoying sometimes. Not all of my landscapes are abstract!


jennifer woodburn said...

Carol - I really like the colours you have been using. So vibrant, they just pop off the screen!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on the sale of this wonderful painting? I don't use the "tags" so I can't help with this. Sorry

Anonymous said...

As you know I am a great fan of abstracts. I can see you working bigger with these - they would look fantastic. I am gradually increasing my size and working up to some 40 x 30 canvas size. As for 'tags' sorry I haven't a clue as I just about get around my blog as it is!

Ed Cooper said...

HI Carol, just stumbled across your blog!....great work, I really like your loose, painterly style!...I have just started daily painting and looking for some insperation, like your said on your blurb...I tend to go from one thing to other.....but I guess thats what makes it intersting!

Kerri Settle said...

I tried to find something in the help section related to what you're experiencing with the labels, but couldn't find anything useful. I haven't experienced it myself but I'm sure it would be pretty annoying. I hope you're able to find a solution!

Bruce Sherman said...

Love that abstract... painterly anmd warm use of colour in your impeccable designs!

Thanks for your comments on my work and site Carol...I'll be keeping in touch as a Follower... on a regular basis!Good stuff!

Good painting!

Robin Pocisk said...

This is a very beautiful painting. I'm the lucky owner of it now. I also think it would have made a wonderful larger size painting. The depth of color is fantastic.


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