Thursday, February 4, 2010


Is everyone tired of pear paintings? Sorry! I never get tired of them. They are always so original with their individual shapes and colors.
Today is Thursday, the day I have a 1/2 price sale on one of my paintings on Etsy. It's only for 24 hours so check it out here. Read the shop announcement to find the sale painting.


Kim said...

Hi Carol,
I never get tired of them - keep 'em coming! Pears have such a sensual shape - a lot of fun to paint. The colours are luscious. I especially like your stems.

Sheila said...

Who knew you can paint pears so dynamically! I love the movement in this "still" life. Paint on Carol!

Dean H. said...

Love those colors and movement!

Gwen Bell said...

Beautiful pears. Like the way they are leaning toward the center. The surrounding background looks like it is swirling around them...terrific energy. Those little areas of turq. and orange are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Carol this is unique! i love the movement around the pears, almost centrifugal kind of effect. i don't think we can get tired of any subject when we are always reaching for something:)

laine lea said...

love the pears Carol! happy painting!!

d. prizzi said...

What beautiful colors and rhythm this painting has. Full of life!

I've been enjoying reading your blog.



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