Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daily Painting, Oil, Animal, Sheep, 8x10

My friend, Donna Vines, took a trip to Northern England earlier this year.  She was kind enough to share her photos with me.  I have painted several of them and I could not resist this small lamb walking the moor.

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I painted with palette knife and brush and tried to get lots of texture in it.  I liked the rugged  feel.  I have never been on the moors, but I think they would feel rugged and cold and windy.

I painted a ram a few months ago, which I like to think is this lamb's daddy.  You can view it here

Have a wonderful week!

Carol Schiff


martinealison said...

Doux comme un agneau s'attribue parfaitement bien à la peinture de ce charmant animal...
De très jolies et douces couleurs...
Gros bisous

ashok said...

lovely art

hmuxo said...

This lamb is adorable, Carol. You painted him beautifully.!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Soooo darn CUTE!
This brought back happy memories, Carol.
I used to go hiking on the moors and the sheep are an integral part of them. Last time I was there I noticed a lot of the sheep had black faces. Did she get any pics of them?

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Yes, she did Julie. I cannot remember the village she visited, but it is close to Scotland and every year the people in the village do a celebration of World War II where they dress up in 40's clothes for the weekend. It is highly attended and really puts you in a time warp. Her photos are amazing and I may do a few more paintings from them.

Diana Marshall said...

This lamb looks like he is walking with purpose!, yes the moors are windswept and cool and you have captured that feel.

Karen Bruson said...

The cool colors in the fleece shadows are so striking.


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