Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tropical Landscape, Palette Knife 8x10 Painting, SOLD

Recently, several of my paintings were reproduced on solid wood plank hand distressed panels by Artehouse LLC.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I have never posted this original artwork which is among those being marketed.

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These palms, next to the intercoastal waterway on the east coast of Florida, are shown during the "golden hour".  Golden hour refers to that brief time when the setting sun bathes the landscape is a golden glow.

I tried to capture that glow in my painting, but it is a poor version of the glorious view I had that November afternoon.  Even photographs pale next to the real thing.


mary maxam said...

Palms can be problematic in the big round fan shape...but you've got such interested shapes here with wonderful light coming through! very nice!

Diana Marshall said...

Your paintings make me wish I was there, I can just imagine those palms waving in the sea breeze, perfect.

hmuxo said...

I love the way the trees and clouds look with the use of your palette knife..beautiful effect, Carol.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Great painting. I can see why it was chosen to be reproduced.
I particularly respond to the warm - cool balance in this, Carol. Lovely!

Tim Marsh said...

Carol, where they published without your consent?


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