Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still Life, "Vase in Sunlight" 8x6", Oil SOLD

I mark the days of my life as the sun rotates around my house.   During summer months I set up still life vignettes on my dining room table or on the window sill of the den.

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When the days grow short, I move my painting props to the breakfast nook, where the sun streams through and paints shadows of palm fronds on the walls.

Already thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas are entering my mind.  Soon those days too will pass.  Life goes on, we all grow a little older, and the sun starts it's slow rotation again.

Enjoy today!


Julie Ford Oliver said...

The streak of pink and aqua in the shadow is so yummy it smacks of sunshine and fun.

Vanessa said...

The lighting in your breakfastnook must be beautiful!! Very lovely painting.

hmuxo said...

Very nice painting, Carol...beautiful still life!!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

This painting breathes light . . . beautiful!!!


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