Sunday, September 15, 2013

Horse Portrait, "The Mare" 6x8" Daily Painting SOLD

Our neighborhood is not really rural, but we do have horses living in the area.


This one is very friendly and often comes over to greet me as I walk by her pasture.  She was even kind enough to pose for a photo.

I am always looking for new subject matter, so I decided to give horses a try.  This is my first attempt.  Since, I have done one more.  I enjoyed painting them, but do have a difficult time getting interesting photos of them.  Sometimes, I think becoming a photographer is a prerequisite to becoming an artist.  Some would say the trick is to sketch, sketch, sketch to know your subject well and paint from your sketches.  A valid point, but I prefer to use my limited time painting, so, I look to all the advantages modern technology has given us to work with.

 Hi Hoo Silver!


Simonne's fantasiestudio said...

Proficiat, heel mooi !

suzanneberry said...

beautifully done!!! i love this!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Well done! I think great horse portraits are more about capturing the personality and it seems you've done that!!! I hope to see more!

hmuxo said...

Outstanding painting and probably one of my favorites, carol! I hope you do more horses..wonderful brush work.

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

Oh I love this! Lovely brushwork and those grays!

Cindy Williams said...

this is really nice, Carol. And I like the way that you post the photo of it in a frame. Great painting and lovely to see all your posts, I have really enjoyed them :)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

marvelous - this captured an emotional response from me with your beautiful technique

Marie Theron said...

This is my favourite of all the horses!


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