Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tree Landscape, ""BFF", 12x16 Palette Knife Painting, SOLD

I just returned from a few weeks in the mountains of western North Carolina. We have an October trip planned, to take in the beautiful fall colors, which I am really anticipating. Until then, I will have to be satisfied with our Florida type of tree. They have a beauty of their own....not really big leaves or bright colors, but graceful palms and huge live oaks draped in Spanish moss and with limbs that seem to be a mile long.

These don't have Spanish moss, but I was taken by their entwined limbs, like they are giving each other a hug and will be best friends forever.

I painted this with a palette knife and I used a technique I call "color weaving".  It gives me lots of texture and I can get really subtle color changes.  I have a nice wide molding in a dark wood tone that I will use to frame this one.  I think it will make it pop off the wall!

I hope to get many photos of fall color in the mountains next's my favorite time of the year!


Jane Hunt said...

lovely! Great textures you create with the knife.

hmuxo said...

this is beautiful, Carol.. I think this texture would look wonderful in a fall painting! Excellent work.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I like the shape of these trees. Do they have a name? Your color weaving is so effective - I love it.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Thanks Hilda, Jane and Julie, for your comments. Julie, the trees are called live oaks. They have great long, heavy branches that often dip to the ground. They live in the south and you often see them coved with spanish moss dripping off the branches.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Beautiful!!! Love all the variety of subtle colors and the gracefulness of these trees. I'm intrigued about learning about color weaving.


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