Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last summer my daughter and her children spent an afternoon with me at Port Canaveral. It is usually interesting with all types of ships, cruise ships, fishiing boats, tugs, even an occassional submarine coming in or going out. Not to mention all the fine resturants where you can enjoy a seafood dinner on the water. This day we happened by just as a charter boat was unloading their trophies for the day. We watched in awe as they continued to hang fish after fish on the racks. Then the big boys stood on the stage and posed for pictures of them holding their best catch of the day.

This is a 24x30 oil on stretched canvas, $1450/includes shipping to continental US.

inc. ship. to cont. USA


Deborah Ross said...

Hi Carol, I think you really caught the spirit here. The fishes glow, the guys are kind of glowing, too....glowing with pride. And that is a huge canvas compared to what I do, so my hat's off to you.

Paula Villanova said...

This is great! You really caught the "proud moment!"

dominique eichi said...

What fun the V look under their heads


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