Thursday, November 13, 2008


Does anyone out there (besides me) remember Carmen Miranda? For those of you too young, she was a South American (I think) dancer who always had a huge headpiece of fruit. Pineapples, bananas, oranges, etc. towering over her head as she did a sort of koochy, koochy type dance in a very koochy, koochy type costume. Sort of a Las Vegas showgirl with a Latin twist. Get the picture?

Anyway, this is a 9x12 on masonite.

includes S&H in cont. US


Paula Villanova said...

Love the colors!

Kim said...

great still life Carol :)
your blog is now listed in the Top Artists Directory....
you will find a selection of codes for badges there too :)
enjoy your weekend :)
cheers Kim

Theresa Rankin said...

Wonderful still life, Carol11....You have been tagged come to my page and find out the rest!

Art with Liz said...

This is soooo great. Love it and yes, I have vague memories of Carmen Miranda!

Art with Liz said...

You have been included on my tag list - please forgive me, but you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing which cannot be searched in Google, spending less than one minute. Learn all about Carmen Miranda.

It's a very beutiful painting.


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