Sunday, November 30, 2008


It has been an exceedingly busy week with no time for painting, but lots of time chasing three grandchildren, cooking turkey and baking somewhere around 140 dozen Christmas cookies. Sooo, I am repeating this painting, which is one of my favorites, and was the first one I posted when I started my blog. I don't imagine anyone saw it the first time around anyway.

A few weeks ago I was tagged by two of my favorite artists, which I enjoyed and was happy to pass on. I really like going to all the blogs and reading about everyone's interesting lives. Now in the past week I have been tagged by the wonderful artist
Debbi SmithRourke and given the Premio Dardos Award by two great and prolific Great Britain artists, Sharon Wright and CarolAnn. This award requires I nominate 15 artists (each time). Thanks so much to all of you. I cannot express how important it is to me to read your comments and positive reactions to my art. As you know, being an artist can be a lonely business, and when you don't sell much, that often translates into not getting much acceptance of your work. So, I appreciate it greatly. However, I don't know another 37 artists to nominate, so I hope you all will understand when I chose not to participate this time around.




Love the Red Skirt....the door the chairs, the table the glasses, the shutters and their shadows. Thanks for posting this piece again. It is too easy to skip over the obvious. Thanks for slowing it down.

Paula Villanova said...

I'm SO glad you reposted this painting...I had not seen the beginning of your blog, but now I will have to go back and check it all out. I love the sense of space created by the chair in the foreground...does that make sense?

sanjeev joshi said...

Actually i was planning to comment on this painting for a long time, today i got to do it.I love the shadows and chair placing.I think its your best on the blog!
I have one question.
how much time doyou take to complete one painting.Oil am told is slow process.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Thanks you Sanjeev. Oil is definately not as fast as watercolor, but, with the mediums available, it is really not cumbersome. Many times I paint alla prima, all in one setting, but for a 16x20, such as this, maybe 5 to 7 hours. I am not a particularly fast painter. I would encourage you to try oil, I think it is the most satisfying of all media. Carol


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