Monday, January 26, 2009


Today I am posting another of my pastels from a few years back. I wanted something with a rather peaceful feel for this post because of what I am about to discuss.

Almost anyone who paints has had first hand experience with the healing powers of art...either received from a favorite piece or gleaned during the process itself. We tend to forget that not everyone who needs this visual medication has access to it and when this fact was discussed at lunch with my paint buddies recently (Pieces of Eight),who all had close friends battling cancer, we decided to do something about it.

Our idea is to paint several small masterpieces, pouring out all the love and goodwill we would want to share with someone dealing with cancer, and send it on for a months stay with them for whatever inspiration it may provide during their recovery. Then we thought if each person who enjoyed the work could share what it had meant to them and maybe send a photo or two, we could post those on a blog, developed specifically for this purpose, to further inspire others in using art as a remedy for healing. I am reporting it all here as I will need your help in proposing some special friends you know who might like to be on the list to receive the first painting we send off on its mission of mercy.

Recipient names need to come with an additional CONTACT name, including both e-mail addresses and the CONTACT's mailing address. The 8x10 painting will arrive by mail to spend a month in the custody of the recipient, During that time, we'd ask the CONTACT to share some comments, or a photo. When the month is over, the CONTACT will follow the very simple instructions for sending the piece to the next person. The post office will supply a Priority class box at the flat rate of under $15.00. I'm sorry to say that until we can work out details of mailing through customs, we must confine our journey to the US and Canada.

Yep, we have lots of residual ideas on this adventure, ranging from local press releases to ways to raise money for the cancer institutes, but, really we just want to share art and good will. So, SEND ME A NAME, if you are willing to be the contact for a friend who would benefit. Just leave a comment under this posting or e-mail me at I will keep you posted here and let you know when the new blog is up and running so you may all join us as we trace the journey. We expect to ship the first painting out some time in late spring. I know you will enjoy being part of the healing prescription for art!

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benjaminlois said...

very good pastel!! really i like it.

Honor Bradley said...

What a beautiful idea! Don't have a name for you but will keep it in mind. Love the painting, it is peaceful! By the way, Jini said to ask you about tags as she tried to google me and didn't find me. I googled and found myself but wondered if you also used tags. Thanks Honor

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea and mission! Definitely a brigade of angels are on your side. I have no friend [knock on wood] at this pint who would be a recipient but I'm going through the application process to volunteer at a local hospice. Would you consider those patients?

Art with Liz said...

I wish you well with this wonderful idea. And I also love the pastel.