Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This week's wild and wacky Wednesday painting on sale is a close-up view of lacetop hydrangea from my flower garden in North Carolina

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45.00 + shipping
This 6x8" oil was originally $95.95 but I have marked it down more than 50% to help it find a new home.  I like the delicate, fragile look of this painting...just like the actual flower.

Just click on the header "Sale.Sale.Sale" above for more.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Abstract Mixed Media, 10x10 ,Poured Paint, "Shade of Blue"

I am continuing on my path of abstraction and mixed media.  The highlight of this piece, in my opinion, is the intense and gorgeous color.  I am just not sure that the images will portray the depth seen in the actual piece.

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135 + shipping
 This consists of a 10x10 stretched canvas with a 6x8 panel attached.  The finish is a high gloss resin type .

Are you able to see the depth of the colors?

They appear very rich, as if glowing from within...........

Such fun to try creating outside your comfort zone.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Painting, Beach Scene, "Reel Her In" 8x10" Palette Knife Painting SOLD

This is the second time I have painted this scene.  The first time, several years ago, was a small 5x7.  I wanted to paint it larger, but couldn't find the image on my computer.  When I finally found it...I didn't have the size canvas I wanted to use (14x18) so, because I was frustrated I did it on the 8x10.


I suppose this means I will repeat the process again at some unknown point in the future.

This time I painted with a palette knife and brush.  I like the texture that can be achieved with the knife.  I also have added some great "ocean" colors to my palette.

Who knows....maybe the next time I paint this scene, it will be an abstract!

This is the first painting.  Do you have a  preference?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I wanted to liven things up a little on my blog and have decided to feature an existing painting at a special price each Wednesday.  The painting below has been one of my favorites for several reasons.


I did a series of fruits and vegetables cut in half and showing cool back lighting.  Most of them have found new homes.  This is one of my favorites of the series because I love the color interaction...it has such a nice glow, and the brushwork is just the way I like it.  This is a 7x5" original oil on canvas panel at a very special price.  Original price $65.95

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Abstract Mixed Media, "All In A Row" 4x12" Original SOLD

I find myself being drawn more and more to the abstract and mixed media area of art.  In May I attended a wonderful workshop given by Carol Nelson.  She fueled my desire with her creative techniques and materials.  Since then, I have been trying to develop my own techniques.

I included some of Carol's techniques and some of my own.  I like this piece in both a horizontal format or in a vertical format.  The sides are painted and do not require framing.

It can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf.  It has just a touch of gold leaf to capture the light.
I have to admit.......I really enjoyed creating this.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sailboat Painting, Palette Knife Daily Painting, "Sailors Delight", 6x8" SOLD

We were anchored in the middle of Florida's Intracoastal waterway, watching these small boats, complete their course.  The regatta was in full swing.


The perfect way to spend a summer day.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Painting, Landscape Painting, "In the Bamboo" 8x6" Oil Painting

As a child living in rural Ohio, my grandmother would visit from Florida, bringing along an exotic collection of seashells and postcards. There was always one or two postcards from McKee Gardens in Vero Beach. She  awakened a deep desire in me.....to live in this strange and beautiful tropical land.

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90 + 6.50 in USA

Recently I made my first trip to McGee Gardens, a magical place filled with  tropical flora and  giant water lily pads.

I was fascinated with the bamboo stands, so abstract in their shapes.

It's always nice when a childhood dream comes true............Thank you Grandma.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Abstract Seascape, Daily Painting, Abstract Mxed Media "Sea Rhythm" 6x8" SOLD

The sea is so fascinating to me.  I love the thought of all the life under the surface of the sea....movement as the waves are pulled to the shore, tiny sea creatures burrowing into the sand..........


Jelly fish that look like man-made objects, balloons, or aliens...........

So many interesting and exciting things going on that we are totally unaware of.  All we see is the beautiful surface of the sea.

This piece is inspired by that thought.  The paint is an example of pouring technique, along with texture and metallic elements.  Although the metallic has photographed in a warm color, it is actually silver.  Much experimenting going on in my studio these days. Feel free to pin it!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Original Abstract Painting, 6x12x 1.25" "Metallic Movement"

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110 + 13 in US

This reminds me of a slab of marble or granite with magnificent color running through it.  It is an example of paint pouring.  As with most things in life, it is much more difficult than it appears.

The brownish looking color is actually a metallic gold which brings incredible life to the piece when the light strikes it.

If you are interested in paint pouring, there are lots of videos on YouTube that explain some technique to help you get started.  From there, you develop you own style, much like painting with a brush.

Does this technique interest you?  Please leave your comments to help me guide future postings.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Small Still Life, Bottle Still Life, "ANTIQUE BOTTLES", 10x8 Oil Painting

I have recently become fascinated with antique and vintage bottles as reflected in this small still life.  I see lots of them in the antique stores of North Carolina.  Most have been reclaimed from the earth and carry the results of spending years under ground.

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145 + 13.50 in US
I have been told that the smaller bottle started life as clear, uncolored glass, but because it contains magnesium, it has turned this glorious purple color.  It comes from Ohio.

The larger bottle is a mystery.  It carries only the imprint of a small sailboat (not visible in the painting).  I liked the shape and the sailboat, so I brought it home.  Are there any bottle experts out there who could give me a little history on it?  I would love to know the history involved in the subject matter of this small still life.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Small Tree Painting, "My Morning Companion" 6x8" SOLD

When I spend time in the Smoky Mountains, I start many of my days on the porch, with a cup of coffee.  It's a special time of day as the sun streams in over the mountains and starts to burn off the protective layer of "smoke" from the night before.


It's just me, my coffee, and this old dogwood tree that sits in our yard.  A very nice way to start the day.

Soon the sun will rise over the mountain tops and light will stream in behind the tree.  My little special moment of the morning is gone and it is time to start my day.

Do you have a special moment each morning?

Carol Schiff