Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daily Painting "Beach Patrol II by Carol Schiff, 6x8 art, Sea Gull painting

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I seem to be doing a lot of sea gull paintings lately.  I didn't plan it that way, it just happened.  This guy was on the beach close to my home, and didn't seem to care how many people were around.

Don't you think he looks rather determined?

I hope you get to the beach ,or whatever you like to do for relaxation, this weekend.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daily Abstract Mixed Media Painting, " No. 205" , 12x12

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When I post a painting, I feel I need to say something about it.  Today, my mind is blank.

I know I had fun with it.  I think it is interesting and has action.

And, I like the soft feeling it evokes.  That's all I have today.

Thanks for viewing my work.

Friday, March 23, 2012


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Do you remember when your son or grandson was this age?  Everything seemed so exciting with adventure around every corner.

Just taking a ride with his sippy cup.  It seems like yesterday, but this little guy is gone and in his place stands a young man.  Memories are made of this.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Landscape Daily Painting,SOLD, Tropical "Umbrella and Chairs II"

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This is a companion piece to my previous post.  When I look at this type of scene, I am reminded of George Clooney's lines in the opening of "Descendants"He talks about how people on the mainland think that living in Hawaii is all happy days in paradise, just sitting under the palm tree sipping a tropical drink.

  People have the same problems there as we have in our everyday lives; death, disaster, financial, etc.  So, you have to make your own happiness, no matter where you are or what your circumstances may be.

Choose to be happy today!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daily Painting, Landscape, "Umbrella and Chairs on the Intercoastal"

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89 + 6.50

It's that time of year again.  Well, maybe not where you live, but here in Florida the weather is perfect and everyone is looking for a place to sit on the waterfront and have some boiled shrimp and a beer.

Hopefully, someone is singing Jimmy Buffett songs too!

It's nice to pretend your on vacation every weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daily Painting, Seagull, Original Oil, 6x8" "Johnathan Livingston"

This guy is obviously cruisin', looking for lunch.   It always reminds me of that popular book from the 70's, "Johnathan Livingston Seagull".

I think this guy is saying "Is that a fat fish I see down there?".  Have no clue what the bluebird with a paintbrush  is doing!!!

Have a wonderful weekend...ENJOY!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daily Painting, Vegetables,SOLD, "Sitting on my Windowsill: 6x8", oil

This daily painting may look like it's about vegetables, carrots and radishes.  But, it's really about light and shadow.

Light and shadow are two of the most important elements in a good composition.

At times, they may be more important that subject matter.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Painting, Oil, "The Gull", 6x8" SOLD

If you live close to the sea, these guys are a part of your everyday life.  This one looks a little serious, like he has a job to do and is going to get it done.

When my grandson was four, we went to the beach for a picnic.  When I casually mentioned to him that the sea gulls were after his sandwich, he gobbled it down.  Unfortunately, he didn't want to go to the beach for years afterwards.  The mere mention of the "beach" conjured up thoughts of a bird attack ala Alfred Hitchcock!  Bad Grandma!!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Abstract Painting, "Feeling My Way", 12x12"

Moving into a new area of work is always both exciting and frustrating.  When I sit down to try an abstract, I feel like I am jumping off a cliff.

On this piece I used acrylics, oils and ink.  I also included some cheesecloth for texture.

I am finding that although abstract looks very simple, and free, it requires much planning.

Have a great weekend and thank you for viewing.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily Painting, Landscape, "Field of Poppies",SOLD 6x8, oil

It's always a beautiful sight to come upon a field of poppies in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I had to pull out my palette knife and lots of creamy oils for this little piece.  Some days I just want to push around a lot of paint.

What are you painting in your studio today?

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still Life Daily Painting, "Bunny Mug", 8x6", Oil

My "sister", LaVerne, brought me this cute little bunny mug, filled with chocolate eggs, several years ago.  The eggs are long gone, so I planted "Baby Toes" succulent in it.  He doesn't seem to mind.

I like to keep it on the work table in my studio.  That way, I am reminded of LaVerne every time I see it.

Have a great Monday :0)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daily Painting, Bird, "Snowy Egret" 6x8"

I found this guy on a recent photo shoot at the river.  He was trying hard to ignore me.

He kept flying away when I got too close.

But, he never had a chance; captured with my trusty ZOOM lens!

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