Sunday, September 29, 2013

Animal Oil Painting, "DUCKS GALORE" by Carol Schiff, 12x24" Oil. SOLD

A very nice lady from Alabama sent me  images of her family's six black ducks, along with a request that I paint them for her.


Actually, the images only had five ducks.  One of the ducks had gone to ducky heaven and she wanted to include him (her) too.  I liked this image because all the ducks were looking in one direction.  I added the missing duck on the end, as though he had reappeared and the others were greeting him back into the flock.

If you relate to the missing duck...I hope you find your flock soon :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY, "Pumpkin and Bittersweet", 6x8" Oil SOLD

Today I am featuring a little oil still life that should fit right into your house this time of the year.


Originally priced at $80.00, this little gem is currently on sale at $49.00  For TODAY ONLY when you purchase, I will send you back at $10.00 rebate!

Growning up in Ohio, pumkins, bittersweet,  hay rides, and apple cider could mean only one thing....fall and Thanksgiving were on the way.  I loved that time of year, and yearn today for sound of fallen leaves crunching under my feet and that special fall smell in the air.  In those days, everyone would rake the leaves into a large pile and all the kids would leap into them.  When the fun was over, it was time to burn the leaves and toast marshmellows.  What a great time we had.

Maybe this painting will bring a little of the magical time into your home this fall.  

Don't forget, when you purchase, you must state WILD AND WACKY on the order to receive the $10.00 rebate.  That's because, this offer is only for readers of my blog and it's the only way I will know you saw it here.  Offer expires at midnight EDT 9/25/2013.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Floral Still Life Painting, "Cup O Tulips" my Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil SOLD

I'm a little late posting this floral still life painting.....tulips are usually not in sight this time of year!  Or, maybe I am just early....yes, I like that, I'm posting it early.

Check out the photo below.  That is an arrangement of evergreens and cranberries next to the painting.  Yes, it was Christmas time when I painted and photographed it!

I was happy to find it as I like the chunky brushwork and shapes.  I hope you do too!  Now, I've got to design a better inventory system!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tree Landscape, ""BFF", 12x16 Palette Knife Painting, SOLD

I just returned from a few weeks in the mountains of western North Carolina. We have an October trip planned, to take in the beautiful fall colors, which I am really anticipating. Until then, I will have to be satisfied with our Florida type of tree. They have a beauty of their own....not really big leaves or bright colors, but graceful palms and huge live oaks draped in Spanish moss and with limbs that seem to be a mile long.

These don't have Spanish moss, but I was taken by their entwined limbs, like they are giving each other a hug and will be best friends forever.

I painted this with a palette knife and I used a technique I call "color weaving".  It gives me lots of texture and I can get really subtle color changes.  I have a nice wide molding in a dark wood tone that I will use to frame this one.  I think it will make it pop off the wall!

I hope to get many photos of fall color in the mountains next's my favorite time of the year!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

S*A*L*E* Wild and Wacky Wednesday, "A Perfect Summer Day" 6x8 Oil SOLD

When I see this painting, I always picture myself on a porch swing with a cool glass of lemonade and a good book.


What more could I ask for...sunlight, a bicycle, lots of flowers and plants and a beautiful view.  Heaven!

But, summer is almost gone and it's time for this painting to leave too.  Originally priced at $95.00 and marked down to $75.00, it's a bargain.  Today is Wild and Wacky Wednesday which means that today only, when you purchase this painting, I will immediately refund you $10.00 bringing your cost down to $65.00.  Now, that's  bargain!

To get the discount, you must write "Wild and Wacky Wednesday" on your order.  This offer expires at midnight Sept. 18, 2013.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Horse Portrait, "The Mare" 6x8" Daily Painting SOLD

Our neighborhood is not really rural, but we do have horses living in the area.


This one is very friendly and often comes over to greet me as I walk by her pasture.  She was even kind enough to pose for a photo.

I am always looking for new subject matter, so I decided to give horses a try.  This is my first attempt.  Since, I have done one more.  I enjoyed painting them, but do have a difficult time getting interesting photos of them.  Sometimes, I think becoming a photographer is a prerequisite to becoming an artist.  Some would say the trick is to sketch, sketch, sketch to know your subject well and paint from your sketches.  A valid point, but I prefer to use my limited time painting, so, I look to all the advantages modern technology has given us to work with.

 Hi Hoo Silver!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mixed Media Assemblage, 6x8" "Rusted Gear"

If you follow this blog, you know of my interest in abstract mixed media.  Today I am posting another of my experiments.

Purchase here
75 + shipping

I like the effects of this piece.  The 6x8" panel is painted in an iridescent paint with almost a sand paper like texture.  It makes an interesting piece, but almost impossible to photograph correctly.  So I apologize for the light reflections here.

The small panel has lots of texture along with some rust.  I think it looks good either framed or unframed.  Truely, one of a kind!

I guess, it doesn't qualify as a painting, but these techniques are very creative and exciting.  I like to think that process helps my painting techniques.



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ANOTHER WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY, 'Strawberry Half" 5x7" Oil on canvas panel SOLD

A few years ago, I did a series of pieces of fruits, cut in half, and with soft back lighting.  I feel it was a successful series, I had lots of fun doing them, and all but two found new homes.  My "Strawberry Half" was actually the first of the series and one of my favorites.  I am so surprised it is still here!


Already on sale, and a bargin at it's present price, it is WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY,  and for today only I will send you a REBATE OF $10.00 when you purchase this adorable painting.  Don't must write WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY on the order.  Otherwise, I won't know you saw it here and will not be sending out that $10.00.  There is a place on the order for your comments so just write it there.  Offer expires 9/11/13 at midnight EDT.

Au revoir

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marsh Landscape, Palette Knife Painting, COLORS OF THE MARSH 8x8x1.5" oil

The sun is quickly sinking below the horizon and within minutes the colors of the marsh will disappear.

Purchase here
119 + shipping
 My goal here was to suggest the beauty and colors of the marsh in late summer.  I wanted to use plenty of texture and thick paint to do so.

I really love the gallery wrap canvases from "The Edge".  I like the chunky shape of this small 8x8" with the 1.5" depth that gives this small painting more presence.

Thanks for reading my blog today :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mixed Media Abstract "Golden Marble" 4x12" SOLD

This is a fun technique  that Carol Nelson shared with us in her workshop last spring.  Carol, who is a "Golden Artist" as in Golden mediums and gels, is versed in techniques you and I have never thought about.  She is truely creative and a very charming and sharing person.

Purchase here

 Carol developed this technique when she looked at her palette one day and thought it was as interesting as the piece she was working on.  So....she figured out how to turn her palette into a piece of art!  This is the first technique she shared with us in her workshop and it turned out to be a fun project and a great ice breaker!

She probably wouldn't mind if I told you how to do it, but I don't want to let the cat out of her bag.  Only Carol can tell!  Here is a link to her blog.  I know you will enjoy it and if you search through enough of her posts, she probably tells her secrets.  If you get to go to one of her workshops, I guarantee you will have a fun filled and informative few days with her.

Please pin it!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY AGAIN! " Beau Gateau et les Petits" Painting on Sale 6x8" oil SOLD

Another Wednesday, another painting on sale for a super price today only.

Beau Gateau et les Petits, French for beautiful small cake, is just that.  A small cake directed from the bakery and good enough to eat.

Painted with palette knife and brush and sitting on my favorite pottery plate, it glows like the little star it is.

As with all my Wild and Wacky Wednesday's, this painting is already on sale.  Originally offered at $95.00 and now marked down to $55.98, it is already a deal.  Now here is the wild and wacky part.....if you purchase it today, I will send you a $10.00 refund!  Your order must show a purchase date of Wednesday Sept. 3, 2013.  To receive the rebate, simply write  Wild and Wacky Wednesday on your order.  I will immediately send  a $10.00 rebate to your account.  Don't let this little gem get away.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tropical Landscape "Coconut Delight" by Carol Schiff 6x8" Oil SOLD

A few weeks ago, I was hanging out at one of my favorite places, Eau Gallie Yacht Club, enjoying the tropical landscape.  It is a gorgeous facility sitting on Florida's intra-coastal waterway.  I was sitting outside, enjoying a glass of wine and watching my grandson paddleboard, surrounded by dolphins.  Suddenly I noticed three palms filled with coconuts.

I love the fact that I can pull out my cell and take photos anywhere.  In the old days (before last year) I would miss lots of photo opportunities when I left the house without a camera.

Computers have truely changed our lives.  I remember reading a few years ago, about an undercover invention that was going to change mankind.  Come to find was the Segway!  Ha!

Oh well, one life changing invention in a life time is all I can ask for.....and that is the internet.

Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you enjoyed the tropical landscape.