Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Seascape Painting, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Florida Surf Painting, 8x16x.75" Oil

I am trying to break my current addiction to painting flowers, so I dug through my files and found a great image of the ocean.  I have a new (for me) size canvas, 8x16" that I thought would work well for the image.

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I have to admit, I enjoyed painting this scene.  My choices of subject matter are always based on emotion and on this day......the waves filled my need for action.

Thanks for reading my blog today....If I were in Florida, I'd be off to the beach.

Carol Schiff

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Appalachian Mountain Cabin Landscape Painting, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Asheville Palette Knife Textured Art

 This painting is either the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Smoky Mountains.  It is difficult to know when you leave one and enter the other.

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Either way, it is definitely the Asheville area of  Western North Carolina.

The area is often misty or "smoky" in the mornings, but it usually burns off by mid-day.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Mountain Church Painting, Small Oil Painting, Church Landscape Art, Farmhouse Wall Decor, Daily Painting, SOLD

This is one of the many, small, white, churches, found in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They all have their own charm, and I love driving around in search of them.


The beauty of the red tree, was an added bonus, to my find, but, this is a charming scene, anytime of the year.  It pays to have your cell phone with you!

Have a great day!


Carol Schiff

Monday, September 20, 2021

Landscape Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Ocracoke Island, N Carolina

I recently visited the outer banks of North Carolina.  Ocracoke is a small settlement on the southern end of the banks.

The residents are a special group of individuals, who fiercely defend their lifestyle.

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 It is a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride, to reach the island, and many of the residents go years without visiting the mainland.

I appreciated their dedication to this small strip of land, 40 miles from the mainland, and am thankful they were willing to share it with me.

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Carol Schiff

Abstract Seascape in Gray, Aqua, Blues, Daily Painting, Coastal Wall Decor, Beach Painting, 14x18"

 Living on the Florida coast the sea is a major part of your daily life.

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I was thinking of a windy, cloudy, gray day as I worked this piece with a palette knife. Plenty of texture here.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Caribbean Seascape, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Palette Knife Art

 The beauty of this piece is in the colors of the Caribbean seascape.  As you travel south to the islands you see the stunning hues of the water change.

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Enjoy this little reminder of the beach!

Friday, September 10, 2021

Small Abstract Painting, Daily Painting, Metallic Paints, 6x8x.75" Abstract

One of my favorites, so far!

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I got excited about this one!  The metallic gold and copper paints are very effective.  The listing above is for a giclee print, in the size of your choice.  If you are interested in the original, check with me for availability.


Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Carol Schiff

Abstract Giclee Print, Daily Painting, Teal and Green Abstract

Moving Sale!!

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I have been in an experimental mood lately.  My oils have been gathering dust as I pour acrylics and alcohol inks.

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This piece is done on yupo paper, which really isn't paper at all, but a  very slick plastic type of surface favored by watercolorists.  It is an alcohol ink piece.

The original is not available, but I am offering this as a giclee print in several sizes.

We are in the process of moving and my mind seems scattered these days.  I will try to continue to post during the process, but please bare with me.  Eventually, we will be settled and my posts will become more regular.

Have a great day!

Carol Schiff

Monday, September 6, 2021

CBS Wants Me!

Something exciting has happened, here in the studio!

I have been contacted by CBS, and have given them my permission, to use two of my artworks on their TV shows.  The new Magnum PI, and Hawaii Five-O series  will be on my view list forever!

The artworks are both seascapes, and here they are:

Purchase a print in the size of your choice here.

Purchase a print in the size of your choice here.
 The links are for a print on canvas, which includes a free printer's proof, before the print is produced.  I can also do prints on wood planks, which gives a wonderful rustic, beachy feel.  For the wood print, please contact me here for prices and sizes.

Carol Schiff

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Palette Knife Painting, Sunflower Art, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Textured Wall Art, 11x14x1.5" Oil on Canvas

Here in Appalachia, we have an over abundance, of sunflowers, and old weathered barns.  I happen to love them both.

Like so many other places, we are having a long summer, with a warmer than usual fall; resulting in a longer growing season.  But all good things come to an end, and this is "The Last Sunflower of Summer"

I was pleased with the end results, of this painting.  I hope you like it too!

Thanks for viewing!