Sunday, August 30, 2015

Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Sunset over Water Art, "Day's End" 11x14x1.5" Textured Oil Painting- SOLD

When the sun falls in the evening, I want to be close to the water, something I acheived in this sunset oil painting. The beautiful reflections makes an even more spectacular sight. I tried to replicate this experience with oil paint and palette knife.


 With this painting, I was at the marina in Fernandina Beach, FL when the sun dropped.  Talk about beautiful!  This is why people live in Florida.  Well, actually, I just returned from a week in Colorado and I have to admit it is just a gorgeous there.  I doubt there is a place on earth that is not beautiful when the sun sets.

This painting is also available as a giclee' canvas print, in the size of your choice, here.

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I recently purchased a video from New Zealand artist,  Richard Robinson, that goes into detail about painting sunsets.  He is an oil painter, but when he paints sunsets, he starts with a white canvas and puts in the light area around the sun first, much like a watercolorist.  He then puts in a dab of white for the sun, and starts working outward from there to the other sky colors.  I tried that technique with this painting and found it worked well.

Have a great day and hope you enjoy your sunset this evening.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tropical Landscape Painting, Florida Art, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Sunday Sail", 6x8" Palette Knife Oil

Heading from Florida's intra-coastal waterway, into the inlet and out to the sea.  The perfect way to spend a weekend.
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100 + shipping
 When I was a child, growing up in Ohio, this was my dream.  Tropical waters, palm trees, sailboats.  I am blessed that my dreams came true.

I always want to put a little texture in my paintings.  My palette knife is my favorite tool.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Floral Oil Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Paintings,Floral Still Life

I am busy working on several large commissions, so today, I thought I would post a few of my favorite florals from over the years.


I had to include this chunky geranium painting.

Giclee Available Here

Who knew weeds (thistles) could be so beautiful!

Giclee Print Available Here

I wanted to do a Christmasy floral, but something that could be used all year.

Giclee Print Available Here 

Hydrangea from my garden and some favorite pottery pieces.

Giclee Print Available Here

This one is just plain happy!  Don't know how I managed that fun background.

Giclee Print Available Here

One of my early palette knife florals.  an you tell I love texture? 

Original Available here

Zinnia are so cheerful.


Tulips and Sunflower... a winning combination.


I like the shapes and brushwork on this one.

Giclee Print Available Here

This Hibiscus was one of my first florals....still one of my favorites.

So that's my little garden party for the day.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cowgirl Portrait, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Redheaded Cowgirl", 6x8" Oil

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I few years ago, I went to a real cattle drive in Florida. Cattle were herded across the state and cowboys and cowgirls spent a week on horseback and in covered wagons.   They ate from the chuck wagon and slept outside on the ground.   I found this cowgirl resting next to a campfire on the last day of the drive.

I painted this several years ago, but for one reason or another, have never posted it before.

If you have never painted a redhead, I highly recommend it.  Such fun!

This piece is part of my "Women in Hats" series.

Thanks for viewing my blog today!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Floral Still Life, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Peony Power by Carol Schiff, 6x6x1.5" Oil, SOLD

This is a small study for a larger piece.

 Step 1:  Pick peony and hydrangea from garden.

Step 2:  Paint!

This little piece has everything I, pinks, purples, blues.

I'm a happy girl :)

To be continued............

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cat Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Bugsy" , 6x6 Animal Art SOLD

My friend, Lou, posted this painting of her kitten on facebook.  I asked for permission to use  her photo months ago, and finally got around to painting it this week.

 Why are we so fascinated with cats?  For me, it's there playful attitude and their ability to contort their bodies into odd poses ( like this) or squeeze into tiny places.

I always love watching them stalk some odd little object, pouncing fast and high.  For me, it's the same appeal as watching a baby discover it's hand for the first time.

Hope you like it, Lou.

Thanks for reading my little blog today..

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunset Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Sunset over Marsh, "Sky Glow" 8x10x1.5" SOLD

Painting sunsets is one of my favorite subjects.  The only thing better is painting sunsets over water!


This is an 8x10" painted primarily with a brush, with just a little palette knife help at the center of interest.

I tried to keep it a little more realistic than some of my sunsets, which can easily get a little on the gaudy side.  It's so easy to get carried away with those gorgeous colors.  Photographs do the same, showing the colors stronger than life and darkening the forground to a near black.

I recently purchased a video from Richard Robinson, a very accomplished artist, (google him) and he showed me a few new tricks about sunsets.  He starts painting with the sun, working outward.  He has a stunning way with color in all his works, but it is his sunset paintings that realy attract me.

Thanks for viewing today.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Orchid Painting, "The Perfect Gift", 6x8 Florial Still Life SOLD

Well, for me, this orchid was the perfect gift, from my dear friend.

I wanted to paint it, so I set it in front of a north facing window, allowing natural light to flow in behind it.

Purchase here
The composition was a little tricky, but I think I pulled it off okay.  I really enjoyed painting this one.  I just set back and relaxed, and before I know it, I had completed this sweet little piece.

I almost always show my paintings in a simple black frame.  I don't want the frame to distract from the artwork and I think it makes the colors really pop.

Thanks, for reading my blog today.   Don't forget to water your plants!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Small Rose Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "A Rose by Any other Name", 6x8" Oil SOLD

This is my third in a series of rose studies, worked with a palette knife.  I enjoy working with a knife to get the texture and feel I am trying to convey to the viewer.
 The texture of the knife makes me want to reach out and touch the painting, a big no no in galleries and museums, but a feeling I would like to convey to the viewer.

I am trying to bring a larger variety of marks to my palette knife paintings to give them more interest and variety.  I am finding it is hard to break old habits.  To me, the joy of painting, and the frustration of painting, come from a constant effort to improve.

Have a wonderful day!