Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yes, it's true! I actually did plein air. I packed everything in the car, hiked up the trail carrying all my supplies, sat on a rock among the bugs, got rained on, painted my little panel, packed it up carrying all my dirty paper towels with me and hiked back to civilization. Now, maybe you can tell the difference in the painting, but, to me it looks just like it would have if I had painted it from my computer monitor only with twice the effort. Oh well, sorry for the complaining. I have so much respect for you folks who do this on a regular basis, but I guess the truth is, I'm just too lazy! I must admit that it was a little bit easier for me than the last time I tried and I did have just a little excitement that I actually came away with something other than my usual wiper, but I was ready to go running back to my studio!


Unknown said...

At least you can say you 'plein air'! I haven't yet... still want to and even though it sounded like a challenge for you this time, you've inspired me to try soon one day.

Art with Liz said...

Now if I could do plein air like this, I would be out every day! Love it.

Kerri Settle said...

I'm amazed at those that can regularly pull off the plein air thing too, but I've also always been more of a studio artist myself. It's great to hear your experience with it, though!