Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunshine Award

I seem to be falling behind a little more every day. No matter what time I get up and start my day, I seem to end it a little later than the day before and with a longer list than I started with. E-mails are going unanswered and thank you's have not been written. I would not allow this behavior from my grandchilden!

Gwen Bell , Karen Bruson and Claire Kayser have recently graced me with the Sunshine Award. It seems that every blog I go on these days, has received this award, and has passed it on to 12 blogs. Twelve artists are a lot of artists, and although there are at least 100 out there in bloggerland that I think deserve this award much more than I, they have already been justly crowned several times. Sooo, I am not going to pay it forward, but I do want to thank Gwen, Karen and Claire. These three very talented and lovely ladies have wonderful blogs of their own. They are all creative and exciting painters. I hope you will visit their blogs and view their wonderful work.

Have you visited the fun blog "Last Cup of Coffee"? Myra has been very busy lately. As if her beautiful paintings and witty commentary is not enough, she is creating another of her killer videos. Although it is not yet ready for publication, she has several of her earlier videos on her site, including a recent one featuring Vincent VanGogh and his work and one featuring a tango series which is to die for! I urge you to view them all, you will enjoy them!

Well, that is how I wrote this post, but before I could publish it, Myra finished her latest video named "Apple, the movie" and two of my paintings are supporting actors. You must go to her blog (link in previous paragraph) and view it! Myra also gave me another Sunshine Award. Thank you Myra for the award and for featuring my paintings in your great video.


myra anderson said...

Thank you for your support and for allowing me to use your beautiful paintings in my 'video'. At some point I would like to do slide presentations featuring my favorite artists just like the first 'video' on my blog of Connie Chadwell featuring her tango paintings. I didn't get to share all of your paintings that I wanted to in 'Apples' The Movie. I think I hear 'Apples' The Movie Part 2!!!

Marie Theron said...

Hi Carol, I also tried to give you one of these! No problem! You may still visit to see what I have written about you! Have you also wondered where all the lovely awards of the past have disappeared? Maybe they came to a dead end like chain letters?