Sunday, May 16, 2010


A few weeks ago I did a post of the backyard view of our home in western North Carolina.  This is another one, featuring our deck on the back of the house.  I just love spending time there.  It is the perfect place to enjoy a good book, cool and shady with the hummers flitting around and dogwood blossoms in the air.

We have a 3 bedroom, bath and 1/2 just outside Smoky Mountain National Park. As much as we love it, we need a bigger home for our growing family.  So we have listed our home for sale.  If anyone is interested please contact me and I will send information and photos.  It's really a little slice of heaven.


Anonymous said...

Another sweet painting. I love clicking on the image to get a closer view of the juicy layers of paint and bold strokes that come together to make the painting sing.

Catherine Jeffrey said... tranquil and such lovely cool colors. I can't decide if I am sitting in this comfy chair having coffee with my morning magazine, or wine with an afternoon magazine. Looks like a lovely place. Will you move to a location close by?
And yes, I think French is very in. You can notice it in the tv commercials as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol, loving the adirondack chair, the looseness and colors of this piece. I have to agree with Caherine on the French thing, but then I'm a bit of a Francophile myself. When you have time, check out French Word a Day blog. I think you'd like it. Au revoir for now.

Karen Bruson said...

Great brushwork in the background greenery and flowers.

Becky Joy said...

Nice depth in the painting. Very serene and calming.