Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here we have a pear sitting on a glass table top with natural light shining in behind.  It gives off a triple reflection that is really quite beautiful.  I especially like the bright aqua reflection that glass sometimes gives.

Do you ever get bored with painting?  I never do.  That is the most wonderful thing about being an artist.  Some days I have trouble getting inspired, but as soon I find a subject and get started,
I get totally involved in the project.  Right now, I am rushing to get all my little projects done so I can get back in the studio and finish a portrait of my granddaughter.  I think I could be a hermit as long as I had plenty of oil paint.

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Linda Popple said...

I understand your feelings about being a hermit with paint! :-)

Nice painting and good idea to use a glass tabletop for your still life. It does provide some beautiful reflections. Well done!

Becky Joy said...

Nice work with the reflections. I've done the glass thing too, works well. I try to make it a point of getting out once a day, because I have gone thru a period in my life that I isolated myself and only painted. Doesn't work well for the rest of life. In the end, it actually didn't help the painting either.

suzanneberry said...

Dude!! Hermit painters unite!! but them we wouldn't be hermits. I love this, it's stunning and so inspirational. And your words struck a nerve as I'm so focused on painting right now I just love it!! Happy painting! Another beautiful piece!

AK said...

The reflections are really interesting. Brilliant as usual

Karen Bruson said...

Sometimes I wonder about myself, for staying in and painting all day, rather than being out there somewhere.

Liana Yarckin said...

oh my gosh, i wish i would stay in and paint!!! when the weather is bad is when i paint the most. i love to paint, but, i love to be active, too. also, i think for me, i feel like i only have 20 minute time intervals at this point in my life. (i have a 2 1/2 yr. old). anyhow, your brushstrokes and color palette are lovely.