Thursday, July 8, 2010

CRAB ON IT'S BACK, after VanGogh,10X10, OIL

Several years ago I studied the Masters, along with members of my paint group.  We spent several months on the works of Degas, VanGogh, Manet and others.  We read their life stories and did our best to duplicate their paintings.  We ended up with quite a collection of paintings which we exhibited several times and one of our group, Cindy Michaud, put together a book about the experience.  This is probably my favorite of the paintings I duplicated.  The fun of this one was the distinctive brushwork which I tried my best to duplicate.


Carol Blackburn said...

Very interesting, Carol. I immediately said, "Aw, poor crab." Am I a softee or what??? I bet that was a wonderful experience you had.

Diane Hoeptner said...

LOVE this! Yes "distinctive" is a good word for it... The brushwork is just lovely, nice job.