Thursday, December 1, 2011

BEGINNING, 6x8", Mixed Media, Daily Painting, SOLD

Yes, you are on the right blog....this is Carol Schiff  Daily Painting Studio.  I like to play with new techniques and materials and sometimes I get in a very abstract state of mind.

I had lots of fun with this one.  I even added beach sand and shells!

Do you ever try a totally different media?

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jeanette from everton terrace said...

Play on! When I saw the first image I assumed you were featuring another artist :)
Silly me to put you in a box like that.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking exactly that. This is different for Carol but I think it is an amazing different. I really like it.

Sonya Johnson said...

Very cool! I've long wanted to play around with MM like this, but find the idea of starting to be daunting. So, I am happy to see another representational artist go down that road.

I'm glad they were fun to do - they look like they were fun!

Diana Marshall said...

It's such fun to experiment with new techniques and textures, try it on a large board or canvasthat's even more fun and then you can really go to town! Fabulous painting.

shirley fachilla said...

I just knew those were little seashells! I really like your abstracted frame of mind. I definitely see this as a Carol Schiff. It's of a piece with your shadow patterns and gorgeous luminous fruits and veggies.

hmuxo said...

Love the texture on this painting...yes, so different from your this abstract, Carol! Your work is always wonderful.

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

I really appreciate your comments about this painting. My insecurities are strong when I post an abstract piece. Thank you for your positive reactions.