Thursday, April 25, 2013

Figurative Daily Painting, "Young and in Love" 8x6" SOLD

Paris is the city of lovers.  Years ago, I wondered why it was designated as such.  Now that I have been there several times, and to many other cities, like London, Rome, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and more, I realized that Paris is the only place that young lovers freely display their feelings for each other in public.

95 + 10

They are the parks, walking the streets, viewing museums, and enjoying cafe's.  They kiss, they cuddle, they hug. they are in their own little world where only two exist.

Is that also why Frenchmen have the reputation of being so romantic?  Which leads me to wonder...are Frenchmen romantic in other locations?  Or, are ALL Men romantic in FRANCE?  I welcome your discussion!  :-)

On another note.....The online magazine Vintage Indie asked to do a little interview with me.  You may enjoy reading it, just click on the link.

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hmuxo said...

SO romantic, Carol! You captured the innocence of these two people... Beautifully painted.