Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Original Oil Abstract, Mardi Gras, 12x12"

When I do an abstract painting, it always mirrors my mood at that time.  The title of this work should give you some insight as to how I was feeling that day...........

240 + 15

Abstracts always seem so free and easy....just slap on some paint and a masterpiece will magically appear...NOT!

Some artists are able to do it that way, but I have to have an idea of a composition and a color palette in mind.  For me, the "vision" is the most difficult part.

If you have never tried an abstract, I highly recommend it.


carol morgan carmichael said...

Appropriate name Carol. Lots of pizazz and umph! Like the colors and energy.

hmuxo said...

WONDERFUL abstract, Carol!! I did an abstract a while ago...however, I copied it from the computer so it was cheating...doing it on my own would definitely be a challenge!!!
Perfect title!!

Linda said...

Hi Carol, I like the feel of this one. Positive, upbeat and lovely colours.