Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mixed Media Abstract "Golden Marble" 4x12" SOLD

This is a fun technique  that Carol Nelson shared with us in her workshop last spring.  Carol, who is a "Golden Artist" as in Golden mediums and gels, is versed in techniques you and I have never thought about.  She is truely creative and a very charming and sharing person.

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 Carol developed this technique when she looked at her palette one day and thought it was as interesting as the piece she was working on.  So....she figured out how to turn her palette into a piece of art!  This is the first technique she shared with us in her workshop and it turned out to be a fun project and a great ice breaker!

She probably wouldn't mind if I told you how to do it, but I don't want to let the cat out of her bag.  Only Carol can tell!  Here is a link to her blog.  I know you will enjoy it and if you search through enough of her posts, she probably tells her secrets.  If you get to go to one of her workshops, I guarantee you will have a fun filled and informative few days with her.

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4 comments: said...

This has a wonderful design. I love a square within a rectangle and the colors you chose make me think of our approaching fall. Such a great time of year.

Sea Dean - Paint a Masterpiece said...

Hi Carole, I'm a fellow DPW painter and I love seeing your work there. This is brilliant. One of those paintings that was probably fairly simple to create but packs a wallop. I often advise my FB group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE to expand their horizons by creating different series if they feel limited by price, size or anything else, but the concept of having a completely separate Etsy shop for your out of the box ideas is fantastic! Thank you for your inspiration.

hmuxo said...

Very nice piece, Carol! I love that marble effect..wonderful colors as well...I checked out Carol Nelson and she does beautiful work!!

ashok said...

brilliant work