Thursday, June 5, 2014

Commission a Painting to your specifications, by Carol Schiff

Today's post is just a little different.  Recently, I sold a small marsh painting to a client in another state.  Since she could not see the art in person before she purchased it, she was surprised and dismayed by the size of the piece.

She really loved the painting, but it just wouldn't work in her space.  We decided to repaint it in a much larger format.  When the commission was ready to ship, I sent her this image of both works, allowing her to see that the colors and scene were similar and also to judge the size of the original against the new piece.

She was thrilled and the story has a happy ending for all.

If you have a special image or would like one of my works in another size, please feel free to contact me for a price quote.  I would love to hear from you.

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Diana Marshall said...

Hi Carol, glad the story had a happy ending. That is the disadvantage of small paintings they can get a bit lost unless they are mounted into a wide frame or they are grouped together with other small paintings.
Found a good site for your art called Art-Finder do check it out. Might be a good venue for you. (and its free to put your work on)