Sunday, August 3, 2014

Farm Painting | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Barn Landscape | SOLD| Carolina Mountain Farm by Carol Schiff | 6x12x.75"

This is a scene I see every day when I am in Carolina.  I pass this beautiful meadow and barn on my morning walk and it never fails to impress me with it's beauty

No matter the season, I enjoy this sight.  I guess it is just my own little piece of heaven.  I have painted the barn many times, from different angles.  I have hundreds of images of the property.

It evokes memories of the simpler days of my youth and the rural area of Northwestern Ohio where I lived.  No open meadows there, but country roads with fields of tall corn growing right up to the edge of the road.

Thank you for reading my blog today.


Martin Pate said...

Nice...North Carolina??

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Thank you Martin, yes it is in western North Carolina.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful scene, Carol. Love the shadows and light... Wish I was there right now!!!

Jane Hunt said...

Love it Carol - definitely has a nostalgic feel to it!