Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Horse Portrait Giclee' Print, Daily Painting, Domestic Animal Painting by Carol Schiff, Sale!

Don't you just love horses?  I do.  They are such beautiful, elegant horses.  So strong yet they have these delicate little ankles.

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12.95 and 19.95

The original painting has sold, but today, I am offering prints for sale at 8x10" and 11x14".  There is a tiny cropping problem on the lower left of these prints(not visible in this image),,,,nothing that will show when it is framed, but it is there.  So, I have priced these two prints with a $10.00 discount.

If you follow the link, under the image, you will find the original Etsy listing including an image of the lower left corner.

The print is on textured archival watercolor paper and perfect other than this tiny issue.

Thanks for viewing my blog today.


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hmuxo said...

Beautiful portrait of this horse....love the background as well...